the earth
was hovering

the darkness called
an expanse under it
a dry land bearing lights

the earth
saw the living
moving in the seas
wild & good
with the air in them

a woman gave birth
to years
the labor was beautiful
& wicked
the creatures looked on
with violence
the woman said I am
two of you
eaten just as you
righteous & clean
just as you

the earth
burst forth
wild on the surface
& whole in depth

the creatures receded
& the heavens closed
the mountains
continued flying
but could find no place
to wait


he became daughters
became daughters
& after he became years
he became other
daughters & lived
to become the father
of daughters & lived
after & when he became
the daughters he became
alive in the land


I will make you into a famine
to live severe as a woman
you will be very beautiful &


he was moving them
so that they arose
in the land
between the plain &
toward the east
two men lived
among the cities
they had parted eyes
like great trees

the country
conquered the living
& some of the men
fell into their
one escaped
he called out into
your hand


Jess Rowan does not currently live anywhere. Her work has previously appeared, etc.