poem for facebook status updates

the fridge at work has frozen my chocolate milk
into a surprise milkshake

keep having dreams where i can walk on my hands

time for true blood and a homemade strawberry-mango pop

has gastritis and a mountain of work to get through
but only 8 days until he goes to zambia

has convinced my little sister to become a wino

i hate how almost all songs are about love

fuck you last diagnostic test. fuck you in the mouth.

Diana Salier grew up in Los Angeles but defected to San Francisco. Her writings have appeared or are forthcoming on Blazevox, Camroc Press Review, Opium Poetry 2.0, Writers at Work, and WTF PWMShe is currently at work on a second collection of poetry, and consuming lots of Raisin Bran in the process.

Also, the Bedroom Intruder is pretty spooky.